About Lily Maids

Who we are and what we do

Lily Maids Cleaning was established with our minds of providing high quality standard cleaning services not only in Dubai but all over the UAE. We follow the BICS (British Institute of Cleaning Science) standards to our training.  And we hire the best maids in Dubai and we monitor the quality of each service we provide to become one of the best if not the very best cleaning company in Dubai and the entire UAE.

We follow a unique approach to our services:

  • Colour-coded products for different areas – kitchen, toilet etc.
  • Cross-contamination prevention techniques.
  • BICS’s trained cleaning  staff and maids
  • Efficient and  simple management
  • And a monitoring system

To be the only cleaning company in the UAE to implement and monitor international cleaning standards to our customers by the year 2020. Through our values set forth by our management and by this grow our company to be able to service more Emirates in the UAE.

Is to be able to not only maintain our international cleaning standards but continuously improve our craft and upgrading our standards. To be able to satisfy our customer’s cleaning needs in their office as well as their home. We strive to be the most trusted cleaning company known to be with the highest dignity in the country.

R – I – R – E (Respect, Integrity, Responsibility and Excellence)


Respect: Not only our clients but our management as well as our co-workers.

Integrity: To do what is right while serving our clients even when no one is watching us.

Responsibility: To own each and every job order like it was our own home or office and to deliver efficient services to our clients.
Excellence: To excel in each and every job on both big and small clients.

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