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The carpet or rug is often regarded as a crumb catcher. Carpets are as filthy as toilet bowls as they possess germs, bacteria, and mildew hiding in every strand. The fact that these dirty carpets or rugs lay on your child’s bedroom floor, living room, or dining room is quite horrifying. Extensive research conducted over time has shown that carpets are a significant source of respiratory, skin, and stomach infections. They are the most critical health threat for your family if you have babies in your home. Most mothers complain about their babies’ upset stomachs and constant respiratory issues, but if they keep their carpets clean, these issues could quickly be resolved – and this is just what we are here to help you with! LilyMaids specialize in carpet cleaning Dubai Marina and ensure dust particles are removed from the rugs and remove dirt to ensure the customers’ complete satisfaction.

World Class Services Of Handmade, Persian Carpet Cleaning In Dubai

If you have Persian carpets at home, then occasionally washing them with regular detergent isn’t good. Persian carpets are handmade and need to be cleaned very carefully to ensure that they maintain their beauty. At the same time, these must be washed as they accumulate a lot of dirt and grime. If you want to protect your family’s health from the attack of this dirt accumulator, then you need to seek help from one of the best providers of Persian carpet cleaning in Dubai. LilyMaids is the only home cleaning service provider that not only removes debris from the rug, dust mites, and all the dust from the carpets. Our cleaning method in Dubai Marina is top-notch, and we offer mattress cleaning, dry cleaning, sofa cleaning, and pest control services.

Top Quality Cleaning Solutions Offered At The Best Price

We understand that your precious Iranian carpets deserve the best care so they do not look worn out with time. We also know that the highest service standards need to be maintained when cleaning them to maintain their luster. Our team of professional cleaners in Dubai Marina uses high-tech vacuum cleaners and carpet washers that suck out every piece of dirt from your carpet and ensure that it looks brand new. Not only that, our exceptionally trained team of maids and cleaners is also quite skilled at maintaining the look and color of the carpet through steam cleaning.
Most importantly, to benefit our clients from all backgrounds, we ensure that our carpet cleaning in Dubai pickup and cleaning services in Dubai are offered at the best prices, which are cost-effective. We remove stains, dust mites from your carpets and remove dirt through steam cleaning and deep cleaning in Dubai Marina. Our cleaning methods in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are eco-friendly, and we can clean every carpet type. We ensure carpets are deep cleaned with advanced equipment to remove stains, kill germs and make rugs look fresh and hygienic through our professional services. We get rid of unwanted materials from our professional carpet cleaner. We are a reliable company that ensures customer satisfaction through shampooing and washing at affordable prices to satisfy our clients. So if you are looking for a carpet cleaning in Dubai that guarantees the best results at the best prices, remember to contact us at Lily Maids today!

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For further information about our professional carpet cleaning services or to book a cleaning appointment, please call us on our 24/7 hotlines at +971 4 430 8733 and +971503976775. You can also drop us an email at or fill in our contact form for cleaning services in Dubai, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Drying time for carpets can vary based on several factors after carpet cleaning in Dubai. After a professional steam cleaning in Dubai Marina, carpets typically take 6-12 hours to dry. With dry cleaning, carpets usually take about 2-4 hours to dry.

It is usually recommended to deep clean carpets every 12 to 18 months by carpet manufacturers. The most commonly used method is hot water extraction. LilyMaids has expertise in cleaning Persian handmade carpets and various kinds of carpets through advanced methods. We do steam cleaning, dry cleaning, mattress cleaning, sofa cleaning and pest control services in Dubai Marina to ensure flawless carpet cleaning services.

Steam cleaning of carpets, also known as hot water extraction, is a popular technique for cleaning carpets. A chemical is applied to the carpet that dissolves the dirt and oil-based materials that accumulate in the fibers from sources such as shoes. LilyMaids does cleaning of carpet in an eco friendly way, by removing stains from rugs and killing germs through advanced equipment.