Carpet Cleaning

Why should it be part of your home hygiene?
Furnishing your home with lavish-looking carpets and thick curtains has turned into the norm of the society due to tough competition brought on by the advancements in the interior décor industry. Although carpets do provide a stunning look to your house but they can also raise various health issues for you and your family if you don’t avail any of the cleaning services for the carpets in your home.
Is carpet cleaning necessary?
Absolutely! There are various studies that have revealed that having a dirty carpet in your home can trigger various dangerous diseases including respiratory issues, skin infections and digestive tract infections. People living in a house with dirty carpets are more prone to receiving a heart attack and feeling lazy all the time. The germs thriving on dirty carpets can also contribute towards the occurrence of sick-building syndrome.

Why do these things happen?
These issues arise because when you do not hire carpet cleaning services and carpet stays dirty for a longer time then it gets heavy due to the accumulation of dust, mud, yeast, dust mites and mold. And when these things accumulate on your carpet, naturally they attract a large number of germs including fungi, viruses, protozoa and bacteria. The combination of these four monsters is considered so deadly that it can put your entire family’s health at serious risk. You can only escape this risk by taking precautionary measures and the only precautionary measure in this case is to order the professional carpet cleaning services offered by Lily Maids and get
your carpet cleaned.

We promise clean and hygienic carpets!
Lily Maids are considered to be the best cleaners Dubai as they offer effective, affordable,convenient and trustable carpet cleaning services in Dubai. Whether you are searching for carpet dry cleaning Dubai services or whether you want to have your carpet deep cleaned through professional steam cleaning services, Lily Maids is the only cleaning company to suit all of your cleaning needs. The professional carpet cleaning services offered by Lily Maids include:

Steam Cleaning- Lily Maids is the only company that promises no-damage to your carpet after the professional steam cleaning services. Most of the cleaning companies will definitely offer you this service but your carpet will lose its beauty and color. The steam cleaning is done with high pressure burst of hot water that most of the times the fabric of your carpet gets damaged.However, the carpet steam cleaner technology used by Lily Maids is so advanced that your carpet will look even more attractive than before.Shampoo Cleaning- Cleaning your carpet through the carpet shampoo service is another specialty of Lily Maids. The biggest drawback of this service is that you carpet doesn’t dry quickly after carpet washing Dubai with shampoo. This is the reason that Lily Maids also offers the carpet dry cleaning Dubai service in combination with the carpet washing Dubai service.However, if you don’t want to avail both of these services then you can also benefit from another cost-effective deep carpet cleaning service offered by Lily Maids.

Encapsulation- Encapsulation is the process during which a carpet cleaning is done by applying the base of synthetic detergents. These synthetic detergents turn into powder form and make the dust particles loose so that the carpet could be sucked clean through a vacuum cleaner. Also regarded as carpet dry cleaning Dubai, this service is considered to be the most effective and affordable service offered by Lily Maids. Another great aspect of this service is that the synthetic detergent used in this cleaning does not cause any allergies in the long run.

How carpet cleaning can change your life?
Well for the starters, Lily Maids’ carpet cleaning services are considered to be the best carpet cleaning services in Dubai due to the fact they make your life healthy and safe. Whether you benefit from the carpet shampoo Dubai services, carpet dry cleaning Dubai or any other type of carpet cleaning services offered by Lily Maids, you are definitely going to feel a crystal clear difference in your home and life.After passing through the deep carpet cleaning procedure:

  •  The carpet in your house will start smelling fresh and pleasant. The refreshing and energetic fragrance arising from your carpet will not only incur a positive impression on the interior décor of your house but it will also keep you and your family members healthy.
  • The dust mites will not be able to survive on the carpet due to advanced technology used in the carpet cleaning Dubai services offered by Lily Maids. So after having your carpet thoroughly cleaned, you can confidently expect all the respiratory allergies and skin allergies to disappear from your life.
  • The growth of mold on your carpet will also be abolished. Mold usually grows in the areas where moisture and dust accumulates and remains accumulated for a long time.After getting your carpet cleaned through our carpet dry cleaning Dubai service, not only the mold will disappear from your carpet but it will resist growing back for a longer duration. The disappearance of mold from your house will not only eliminate the irritating smell of the moisture but it will also reduce the intensity of respiratory infections.
  • The cockroaches and other indoor pollutants will go away. If the number of cockroaches is increasing inside your house then it’s about time that you seek help from professional carpet cleaning service otherwise these pollutants and cockroaches will turn your life into a living hell. Getting your carpet clean is extremely crucial for your and your family’s health because if these pollutants and cockroaches thrive in your house then their germs will irritate the respiratory system of the inhabitants of the house whenever the heating or cooling system is turned on.Hiring the professional carpet steam cleaning service is also important for you because in the long-run, these little itches, rashes and allergies can turn into a serious fungal infection if the carpet is not cleaned on time. This fungal infection can enter your body and can affect other organs, leading to sudden death. So according to standard recommendation, you must clean your carpet twice every week and have it professionally cleaned after every three to six months.